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All Free Stuff by Category

Browse our directory of new and active free stuff, freebies and free samples and zero in on exactly what you're looking for.

  • Books & Magazines (3 Listings)
    Everything from kindle books to real books the way we used to read them, plus magazines and posters, cards and most things made of paper.
  • Cars & Motoring (4 Listings)
    Vroom vroom, if it moves or has anything to do with moving objects on wheels, you will find it in here. Plus we also cover DVLA and driving information.
  • Cash, Money & Finance (5 Listings)
    Wonga, cash, dosh, dough, coins, whatever you call it we feature money and finance stuff in this category, including utilities and financial services and coupons.
  • Electricals & Computers (5 Listings)
    This category covers all the bits of electrical gadgets for the home and on the go.
  • Fashion & Clothes (12 Listings)
    Covers everything from high street fashion clothes to lingerie and jewellery.
  • Food & Drink (36 Listings)
    If you eat it, drink it or digest it we feature everything to do with food and drink. Who doesn't like a free lunch?
  • Gaming & Lotteries (7 Listings)
    Take a punt with the awesome bingo, casino and skill games with many of them offering free bets and competitions.
  • Health & Beauty (20 Listings)
    Literally our most popular and biggest categories, constantly packed with amazing beauty products from the very best names in the business.
  • Holidays & Travel (1 Listings)
    Pack your bags and get your skates on because we have loads of holiday and travel promotions in here. We feature everything from bus tickets to plane tickets, holidays and more.
  • Home & Garden (24 Listings)
    Home proud? Good you're looking in the right place because we feature everything from kitchen to garden and D.I.Y stuff in here.
  • Kids & Toys (3 Listings)
    This category is all about fun for the young. Featured inside you will find not only toys but also stuff like nappies, children services and childrens food.
  • Lifestyle (1 Listings)
    Dieting, dating, self-help and anything else that enhances your life and living is popped in this category. Some of the stuff in here can chage the direct of your life.
  • Miscellaneous (4 Listings)
    This category is not to be mistaken for the runt of the litter because there are some jewels in here so make sure you come in and have a look.
  • Mobile & Telecoms (1 Listings)
    Ring ring! No need to pickup just click through to see the current mobile phone and telecoms related stuff to take advantage of. Mobile phones, SIM Cards, Broadband and more.
  • Music (1 Listings)
    If it's related to music you will find it here, from downloads to hard copy CD's and subscriptions and even some music playing devices and accessories.
  • Pets & Animals (6 Listings)
    Cats, dogs, hampsters, gold fish and any other pet you can think about is featured in here. Mostly full of pet food stuff but there are also other useful stuff for pets.
  • Sports & Fitness (2 Listings)
    We feature some decent sports and fitness goodies in this category including everyting from sports clothes to energy drinks and sporting events.
  • Surveys & Market Research (10 Listings)
    You can earn a pretty penny with the promotions in this category. In fact we have personally made quite a handsome bit of kitty just for taking online surveys. It pasy for the office tea.
  • Video Games & Apps (1 Listings)
    If you love a video game or cool app you will find some cool ones in here. Warning - some of the stuff in here is addictive!